the prestigious forms of eucalyptus
Koala by Imola..
This collection succeeds in interpreting this material in a way that is both original and refined. It is a unique exercise in style that will bring a sense of dynamic energy to your home thanks to its delicate graining and sharp, harmonious graphic effects.
Cобой новую генерацию керамической плитки
The Room by Imola.
От мрамора Statuario Venato до Cremo Delicato итальянского происхождения, от Infinity Brazil из Южной Америки до Silver Roots из Малой Азии.
Керамогранит с эффектом камня
Blue Savoy. Into my life..
Керамогранит с эффектом камня родом из французских Альп высоко ценится дизайнерами и архитекторами благодаря характерному светопрозрачному эффекту, который он дарит поверхностям.
It's Summertile!.
Enjoy a day of sunshine and absolute relaxation in the comfort of your own home. Sicily interprets a particular kind of sandstone that is found all over Sicily, an island famous for its Byzantine mosaics, Greek temples and breathtaking views.
Ceramics take you on holiday.
Here, the influences of a thousand-year-old culture find their ultimate expression in a unique lifestyle that has given life to truly original artistic forms.
Sicily, the cool mood of the Mediterranean indoors and out.
A collection with a vast range of uses and a highly eclectic style.
Tube: the vital rhythm of maxi-formats.
All the vital rhythm of cities expressed in a ceramic design that brings together effect and format in a unique, indivisible entity that forms the basis for an unprecedented collection.
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