Un gres porcelánico de efecto piedra
Blue Savoy. Into my life..
Un gres porcelánico de efecto piedra, proveniente de los Alpes franceses y apreciado por diseñadores y arquitectos por el característico efecto translúcido de su superficie.
Historia, investigación y tecnología
Parade: Emotions never lie..
Seis tonos diferentes, de gris a beige más suaves: una colección poliédrica capaz de combinarse con cualquier tipo de línea estética.
It's Summertile!.
Enjoy a day of sunshine and absolute relaxation in the comfort of your own home. Sicily interprets a particular kind of sandstone that is found all over Sicily, an island famous for its Byzantine mosaics, Greek temples and breathtaking views.
Ceramics take you on holiday.
Here, the influences of a thousand-year-old culture find their ultimate expression in a unique lifestyle that has given life to truly original artistic forms.
Sicily, the cool mood of the Mediterranean indoors and out.
A collection with a vast range of uses and a highly eclectic style.
Tube: the vital rhythm of maxi-formats.
All the vital rhythm of cities expressed in a ceramic design that brings together effect and format in a unique, indivisible entity that forms the basis for an unprecedented collection.
Slash: delicate colours for a lively kitchen .
The double-fired wall tile designed to give your home a touch of personal, lively colour. This collection stands out for its refined tones and careful research into glazes that will enhance the interiors of your home.
Cersaie 2017: another awesome experience.
It was great to meet so many people also this year. We simply want to tell thank to everyone, it wouldn’t have been the same without your enthusiasm. Watch here the highlights of Cersaie 2017.
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