There is no limit to creativity and inspiration can stem from anything. Even packaging! Who hasn’t tried popping those fun bubbles in bubble wrap? So, eureka! That’s the idea behind this collection: to create a decorative design element from something that is usually discarded after use. But don’t try and burst these bubbles!!! This was the goal Imola focused on when developing the design for this new, 7.5x30 cm format, double-fired wall tile. Bubble comes in four gloss colours - white, black, beige and pink – as well as a background variant of a single colour or a single colour with an embossed bubble structure, and two special chrome-finish colours - platinum and gold – but only in the bubble finish variant. In line with the collection’s style and originality, Bubble also includes a range of extraordinary new panel decoration options in varying sizes that can even be combined to create a 108-piece, 90x270 cm ceramic mural on a white background, with colours and textures that reflect the mood of the project. Bubble is an unusual, modern design solution for interior walls in both residential and public environments.
0 Format.
4 Colours.
White, Black, Red, Ecru
2 Thickness.
8mm, 9mm
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A precise colour palette designed to guarantee a complete range in the warm and cold shades.
An exclusive technology highlights the graphics in its countless facets, lending variations and a visually striking visual impact.
For any context and wear, a limitless extension of time and space.
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