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RE_MICRON Tiles, light commercial modern ceramic full body porcelain tile [AM REM 1]


For a complete ‘re-wind’ of one of the most successful collections of the last two decades. With more than 25 million square metres made and sold, Micron will be presented at the next Cersaie exhibition in a form that is completely revised and brought up-to-date in the new Re_Micron collection.

A triumph of technology, it is aimed at the architecture and design sector. The ceramic slabs have a gentle surface movement effect and come in a variety of colours, which can be coordinated, according to new aesthetic requirements.
There are a total of seven new shades, pale, medium and medium-dark. Three surface finishes are available: polished, natural and bush-hammered.

Re_Micron is completed with Re_Colour wall tiles. Double fired and rectified with the same caliber, these have a glossy look, for rooms with the most up-to-date minimalist appearance. Ideal for the most imposing and memorable designs.

Technology: Full-body porcelain tiles ISO 13006 - G - BIa (E<0.5%) UNI EN 14411 – G.
Structure and surface: smooth, natural, matt - smooth, polished, glossy - bush-hammered, natural, matt
Edge: monocaliber, rectified.
Size: 60x60cm, 30x60cm
Colours: 7 dove-grey, beige, almond, white, greige, grey, dark grey

Technology: Double fired wall tiles ISO 13006 - G - BIII GL (E>10%) UNI EN 14411 - L.
Structure and surface: smooth, natural, glossy
Edge: monocaliber, rectified.
Size: 30x60cm
Colours: 7  moleskin, ecru, almond, white, silver, grey, dark grey

RE_MICRON Tiles, light commercial modern ceramic full body porcelain tile [AM REM 1]








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