News 01 April 2016

Imola… I’m in love with

Imola Ceramica presents #ImolaInLove at the Triennale in Milan.

Todisplay their love for their work and the products they create, the men and women of Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imolahave taken the Imola universe - with all its unique history and character - right into the heart of the XXIst Triennale International Exhibition in Milan.

#ImolaInLove is a concept that symbolises and encapsulates this passion.
#ImolaInLove is the hashtag that expresses this manufacturing community's unique love for its work and the commitment of all its members who put both their heads and their hearts into everything they do. Which is why, of course, the products they make are impossible not to love.

#ImolaInLove is a concept, a project with real vision, and an experience to be enjoyed and repeated in future projects #ImolaInLove.
To enter this universe and see the faces of a community who are genuinely in love with their work, Imola Ceramica has designed a special space in the exhibition “Ceramics after Ceramics: Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola, 1874/2016”,which is part of the series of events organised for this year's XXIst edition of the Triennale, entitled “21st Century. Design After Design”.

The exhibition, displayed at the Palazzo della Permanente in Milanfor the entire duration of the Triennale, will help visitors discover the fascinating history of the Group through a series of artworks that recount its attitude to art and beauty, and its skill in creating ceramic projects that represent the excellence of the "Made in Italy" brand all over the world.

The exhibition's timelineleads to the casket of valuesand from there onto the heart of the event where visitors can enjoy an experience that is exciting, interactive, fun and simply … #ImolaInLove.
An installation, a parallelepiped to walk through, a sort of telescope offering new and special perspectives, a project that everyone can make their own, and, most of all, a tunnel where you, the visitor, also become part of the #ImolaInLove universe.

Don't forget you can even leave your very own mark on the Imola universe by taking a selfie in the tunnel.
Snap, post and share your selfie on your social profiles, like instagram, facebook, google plus, youtube or twitter, using the #ImolaInLove hashtag. So you can be part of the mosaic of images we will be publishing on our website and in other Imola Ceramica channels.


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