News 25 March 2016

Design after Design. Ceramics after Ceramics

This year theXXIst Triennale International Exhibition in Milan focuses on the theme of design in the era of globalization.

The “21st Century.Design After Design” project goes on stage from 2nd April to 12th September and features five months of conferences, exhibitions, shows and design, art, architecture, anthropology and innovation workshops in various locations around the city, including the Fabbrica del Vapore, the Hangar Bicocca, the IULM, the Museum of Cultures, the Milan Polytechnic, Villa Reale in Monza, and, of course, the Milan Triennale.

Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola plays an important role in these events with an exhibition entitled Ceramics after Ceramics: Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola, 1874/2016”, at the Palazzo della Permanente. The exhibition embodies the company's spirit, its focus on the future and its roots that are firmly anchored in the past.

This glorious pastthatdates all the way back to 1874, has seen a number of major artists lead the company's creative department, and today boasts numerous bright, new perspectives in terms of design and materials.

The “Ceramics after Ceramics: Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola, 1874/2016" exhibition is curated by Aldo Colonetti, the art, design and architecture historian and theorist responsible for the concept, and Mario Tombaccini, a designer from the ArchDesign Studio. The aim is to represent Matter, Nature and Creativity, and recount the present and future of the ceramics that have accompanied our lives since the late 19th century, from the home to the city, and from everyday design to refined art.

The exhibition lasts for the entire duration of the XXIst Triennale and features a collection of images, materials, objects, artworks and projects that recount 140 years of history. This is a story of tradition, hard work and innovation - emphasizes Aldo Colonetti - as Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola is a company where «tradition isthe foundation of everything, especially its innovatory processes that range from research and new technology to design and production systems that turn ceramics into something flexible that can meet any design or construction requirement.»

The rhythm of the exhibition mimics the passing of time and recounts the evolution of ceramics and Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola's innate artistic talent.

From Carlo Zauli's imprinting to Gio Ponti, and from Arnaldo Pomodoro to Germano Sartelli,NedoMerendi, Mauro Andrea and other international artists, like J. Morton and Hsiao Chin.
The exhibition takes the visitor on a journey of exploration through the Group's history and the works of these great artists.

The exhibition trailconsists of two main elements: the timelineand the casket of values. The yellow line first guides the visitor along the exhibition's “information paths” and the milestones in the Group's development, and then continues into its heart, to a more emotional dimension, called the casket that contains the values of tradition, hard work and innovation.

Every visitor can construct their own experience by entering the #ImolaInLove dimension, a sort of telescope that creates a special perspective on a series of artworks and sculptures. This allows viewers to interpret the exhibits in a uniquely personal way thanks to a fascinating interplay of sounds and mirrors.

The project ends with a series of winning artworks from the Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola NEST Award, a competition designed to reward the talents of Chinese designers and architects and, dulcis in fundo, two sculptures by Arnaldo Pomodoro (“Vaso a colonna” - Pillar Vase, 1980s) and Aldo Spoldi (“Il Piede” - The Foot, 1980s).

«The two sculptures are displayed against concave porcelain stoneware backdrops that isolate them from the 'other' space and locates them in eternal time. They represent the perfect synthesis of science, technique and time, encapsulating in their forms the essence of Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola.»
Mario Tombaccini Designer 


“21st Century. Design After Design”
“Ceramics after Ceramics: Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola, 1874/2016”

Palazzo della Permanente - Via F. Turati 34 Milan
2nd April - 12th September 2016

Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday: 10.30 - 20.30


11th April - 17th Aprile 2016 -Salone del Mobile
Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday: 10.30 - 22.00



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