News 11 March 2016

Cooperativa Ceramica and the new frontiers of porcelain stoneware

Cooperativa Ceramica may sail the seas of innovation, but it never forgets its history and grand vocation for ceramic art.

In its important new industrial spaces and beautifully renovated 1940s factory buildings, new and beautiful products are created that interpret contemporary taste through the group's three distinctive spirits.


There is the highly advanced, cosmopolitan spirit of Leonardo that embodies male elegance and anticipates design trends. The feminine elegance of LaFaenza, designed to thrill and fascinate. And the lively, modern and eclectic solutions of Imola.

Each of these spirits boasts the finest ceramic techniques, from traditional to innovative with the aim of creating stylish decorations and designs that reflect contemporary trends and guarantee superior performance.

The company's future-looking vision is nourished by its vast know-how and takes concrete shape through constant research and experimentation. It inspects the concept of ceramics from every angle: raw materials, colour, format, applications, finishes and natural textures, as collecting stimuli from a wide range of sectors and using them to interpret and influence design trends is part of its DNA.

All Cooperativa Ceramica tiles boast prestigious raw materials, a careful selection of the purest components and the most up-to-date extraction and control technologies. The result of all this is a vast range of ceramicstyles, technologies, finishes and formats for floor and wall tiles that can enhance any architectural or design project.

Double-fired tiles stand out particularly for their incredibly sharp colours. This high-tech firing process - one for the base and one for the glaze - allows glazed tones and complex colour effects to be created, thereby enhancing the tiles' decorative potential. Glazed porcelain stonewareelements, on the other hand are obtained by pressing essentially pure raw materials, and the result is a fascinating, resistant and non-porous product, ideal for decorating domestic and public environments. Full-bodied porcelain stonewaretiles are created by pressing and stand out for their superior resistance and high technical performance, which means they are ideal for outdoor and high-traffic environments. 

These different technological processes combine with a wide variety of styles, formats and finishes. There are natural, honed and polished surfaces. Matt, satin, gloss, semi-gloss and combined-effect finishes. Collections that range from industrial styles to timeless classics to satisfy different design requirements. Andtexture - another important frontier in the world of ceramics.

To create Kiko, which means “fabric” in Maori, Imola has explored the weaves and effects of a variety of different fabrics. This double-fired tile collection offers 9 different textures for each colour. Charming monochrome ceramics - like octane, aquamarine, grey, white, beige, marsala, chocolate, black, and patterned - are matched with refined textures to create totally original combinations for interior designs with real character.

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