Quality and environment

For ImolaCeramica, technological innovation cannot be separated from eco-sustainability. This conviction has led to the brand perfecting a new type of ceramic production that focuses on humanity and the environment as the fundamental and inseparable combination on which all its industrial and productive processes are founded.
Green attitudes and dynamics have been an important part of Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola corporate policies since 1998 when the Group was awarded its first standard certification.

Since then, numerous environmentally friendly initiatives have been launched.
Today, 98% of the Group’s industrial scrap is recycled.
Every day over 11 tonnes of petroleum are saved, and energy self-production now reaches levels of up to 85% thanks to a highly efficient Company Environmental Management System.

Ceramics that limit the use of natural resources by including scrap are products that respect humanity and the environment. And look to the future too.

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