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Digital experience

Video gallery

Digital experience


Our iBooks are real, interactive, multimedia books
that offer a closer look at ImolaCeramica products
and a set of detailed images, videos, animations
and illustrations.
Discover the endless creativity of
our floor and wall tile ranges, as these are collections
that combine contemporary refinement with the style
and practical needs of designers, planners and architects.

Made in Italy style meets public and domestic environments:
porcelain stoneware tiles that are ready to decorate
any space with expressive and innovative character.

Pieces of history: the power of fate and Gio Ponti.

When destiny calls, it’s always a surprise.
If it’s in the form of pure creative genius, it crosses our paths to leave a profound and lasting mark.
It was fate that brought the very fortunate meeting between Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola and Gio Ponti, a world-renowned designer and architect.
It all started in 1946, a period which saw Gio Ponti travelling from Milan to Faenza. On his way, he decided to stop in Imola.
His stay there couldn’t have gone any better. He discovered the existence of a large ceramic company, producing tableware and majolica items. Intrigued, he decided to pay it a visit.

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